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With your support, Dress for Success Canada Foundation and 13 Canadian Dress for Success affiliates help women and non-binary individuals thrive personally and professionally. Keep reading to learn about our impact and a selection of stories made possible by your continued support.

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13 Canadian Affiliates

13 Canadian Affiliates

The first Dress for Success Canada opened in 1999. There are now 13 affiliates from coast to coast.

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7,440 Clients Served in Canada

7,440 Clients Served in Canada

Across the country local affiliates served more than 7,000 unique women and non-binary individuals in 2022.

44,907 Volunteer Hours

44,907 Volunteer Hours

Almost 400 volunteers gave the gift of their time and talent in 2022.

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Born in Ukraine, Katerina moved to Ottawa in 2022 when she was faced with serious life problems that were related to her grandson and son. In an instant, everything changed, as she left behind her house, her job, her clothes — her whole life.

The transition was difficult: she wanted to find a fulfilling path for her own life in this new country while helping her family.

“I know that I can help my son, but I have my life. I’m Katerina and I need to do something for Katerina, and I will find Katerina in this country.”

While figuring out the next step in her journey as a newcomer, she was referred to Dress for Success Ottawa for a Suiting Program appointment. In our boutique, she found the sense of belonging and community she was missing. Working with the volunteer during her appointment made Katerina feel optimistic about her future in Canada.

“I feel that I have power to do things for me, for my life, to be happy. ”

Now, Katerina wants to make sure other people have access to the same programs that gave her a sense of community and confidence. She had such a positive, empowering experience at Dress for Success that she joined our volunteer team.

Her career goal is working with clients at a clothing store, so volunteering with Dress for Success is a great opportunity to gain experience in a clothing retail environment. It’s also helped grow her network, and she forged a strong connection with a fellow volunteer who speaks Ukrainian.

To her, it’s important as a newcomer to have a place where you feel comfortable and part of a community — and that place is Dress for Success!

“Dress for Success means having a community of support to help me reach my goals.”

— Katerina (Client, Dress for Success Ottawa)
“After being referred to Dress for Success Montréal by the Centre social d’aide aux immigrants (CSAI) in 2019, I went to the Boutique several times, and then was hired by a law firm as a legal assistant.”

“The experience with Dress for Success Montréal changed my life. In fact, I once gave my testimony at a conference of the Centre social d’aide aux immigrants, and I went there with the clothes you had given me with great pride and said so in my speech.

It was a very moving moment.

I’ll always be grateful to Dress for Success Montréal, and giving my testimony not only might motivate more women, but is a way of thanking you for the help received in those difficult moments when you’ve just arrived in this country and want to join the job market in the professional field.

I arrived in Montreal in November 2017, and since the end of 2019, I’ve been a single parent with two children aged 6 and 8. I work full-time at the Tribunal administratif du Québec as a paralegal and am studying at the Université de Montréal to obtain a certificate in law, which was required by the Barreau des avocats du Québec, in order to pass the revalidation exams for my law degree in the province of Quebec.”

“As an international medical graduate, I have faced numerous challenges and obstacles since moving to Canada. However, amidst these trials, I have been fortunate to experience the incredible support and empowerment provided by Dress for Success Calgary. Their dedication to helping women thrive in both their personal and professional lives is truly remarkable.

On two separate occasions, Dress for Success Calgary styled me for free, providing me with an unforgettable experience and the perfect summer and winter outfits. Through their summer sales, I was able to acquire high-quality clothing at significantly reduced rates, allowing me to build a wardrobe that exudes confidence and professionalism.

My encounters with Dress for Success Calgary have been nothing short of transformative. Not only have they equipped me with the tools to dress for success, but they have also instilled in me a sense of self-assurance and resilience. Their kindness and support have given me the strength to overcome the challenges that come with being an immigrant woman in a new country.

I wish to encourage immigrant women to explore the incredible resources and opportunities provided by Dress for Success Calgary. Whether it’s through the styling services, career development programs, or community events, they are dedicated to helping and supporting women thrive in all aspects of life and navigate the path to success!”

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