Among Canada’s most recognized charities in support of gender equity, economic independence, and workforce development for women and non-binary individuals, Dress for Success Canada Foundation is looking for qualified candidates to join the Foundations’ Board of Directors for a two-year term with the possibility of extension.

Deadline to apply: Friday, August 9, 2024.



As a board member, you will contribute to activities that champion and fund Dress for Success affiliates from coast to coast.

Centralized funding through the Foundation enables Dress for Success to scale the number of women served across Canada at the local level, through the supports and programs delivered by our affiliates. Collectively we empower women and non-binary individuals into good jobs, financial independence and personal success.



The Board of Directors of Dress for Success Canada Foundation is responsible for overseeing the mission and purpose of the organization.

This includes participation in strategic planning, policy decisions, the financing of those decisions and the monitoring of their execution. Board members also act as ambassadors for the organization and are key to building relationships and opening doors to new opportunities.


The Mission of Dress for Success Canada Foundation

Through our nation-wide scope, and diversified and sustainable funding, we support the core needs of local affiliate organizations to effectively scale the number of women served through pre-employment and job retention programming, to help women thrive personally and professionally. We do this by:

  • Working in partnership with local affiliates and Dress for Success Worldwide to build capacity and enhance operational efficiencies.
  • Sourcing revenue to support affiliates’ operations and programs, and drive national initiatives.
  • Increasing awareness of Dress for Success and its impact in Canada.
  • Coordinating national impact measurement.

Membership on the board requires a willingness to attend the requisite meetings, follow through on commitments and participate fully in the decision-making process. The Board also presents the organization’s image to the community and solicits its support in achieving Dress for Success Canada Foundation’s goals.

General responsibilities

  • Review revenues and expenses on a quarterly basis to ensure the mission of the organization is being upheld.
  • Strengthen Dress for Success Canada Foundation’s financial base by participating in and contributing to the organization’s fundraising efforts.
  • Participate in strategic planning and the setting of long-term goals.
  • Approve the annual budget.
  • Set procedures and policies to ensure that the organization is organized and administered in a manner that is in compliance with applicable law.
  • Act on behalf of the non-profit and its interests, putting aside personal concerns, affiliations or constituencies.
  • Members annually must sign the organization’s conflict of interest policy and must abide by its terms.
  • Promote our mission, generating goodwill for the organization and encouraging support for the efforts of the affiliates, staff and volunteers.
  • Make introductions to new communities, corporate sponsors, foundations, and helpful individuals.
  • Annually review the performance of the CEO.
  • Be willing to use individual expertise to assist in staff organizational development.
  • The Dress for Success Canada Foundation meetings bi-monthly (virtually).
  • We require everyone to attend and be active at four out of the six scheduled board meetings each year.
  • Additional in-person meetings may be scheduled on an ad-hoc basis, but would be limited to one or two per year.

It is expected that each board member be actively involved with all aspects of the organization, including fundraising and awareness events, as well as bringing leads and contacts to Dress for Success to be developed for the benefit of the organization.

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